MSNBC Chris Matthews grieving Obama is with another Networks Reporter Bret Baier

Matthews, still suffering from Obama-erotica Syndrome, was astounded by Bret’s treatment of his Precious Prince. To make sure he got his point across, he had a pair of chuckling chuckleheads on standby, in the form of Joan Walsh and Cynthia Tucker. Gosh, they’re adorbs!

Check it out, check it outers

Interview Video: Bret Baier Interviews Barack Obama on Fox Special Report

President’s Foolish Choices: Part 2 of Fox News Obama Interview

“Buccaneer buddy?” What the hell is that? Is that like a gay pirate or something?

Look, the real star of that clip wasn’t those three bozos, but the editor who left out all of the Dear One’s filibustering. The editor just clipped the ends of Obama’s statements when Brett tried to get the Great One back on track. It’s sneaky. But so what. I suppose I could go through Chris Matthew’s illustrious career, and find examples of his self-righteous screeching at guests – something Baier never does. But there are just way too many examples, and it’s nice outside.

But perhaps the greasiest part about all this, was when Matthews said, “I wonder who brought this character into the White House,” something he’d never say about Al Sharpton or George Clooney.

Here’s why: For Chris, the Baier interview was like watching your girlfriend go out with another guy. Chris’s jealousy got the best of him – it’s as if that thrill up his leg became rage in his heart. He had no choice but to take it out on Brett. He used Joan and Cynthia as shoulders to cry on. Later they did each other’s hair.

via The Daily Gut.

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