Politisite interviews Chuck Norris at CNN / YouTube Debate

Politisite.com and Iron Mill New Service had an exclusive interview with Mr. Chuck Norris. Prior to the interview, I pulled out a small silver Olympus Digital recorder. When Chuck saw this object I thought I was going to be dropped kicked as it could have been mistaken for a small gun. When I shared it was just a digital recorder then he chuckled. Most of the equipment around was massive and old school. I didn’t realize my Olympus WS-100 could be viewed as anything but a recording device. In the future when interviewing Martial Arts experts like Chuck Norris,  I would do well  by using  a large black recorder .

Politisite.com- Chuck, Why is Gov. Huckabee your Guy?

Norris -I just think he has the leadership ability and the intelligence to lead our country into the next generation. I have done a lot of research on the other candidates. and he pops to the top as the man I feel leader that can lead our county.

Politisite.com- Is it because he is a Christian?

Norris -No, No it has nothing to do with it, Romney is a Christian, and John McCain is a strong Christian, they’re all Christians.

Politisite.com – So what did you look for?

Norris- what I am looking for is a man with leadership ability and a man that can lead us prosperity and peaceably into the future and I really believe Mike Huckabee is that man.

Politisite.com -In past debates I have covered I noticed he was not getting the media coverage the other candidates received. But just look at him today (media around Mike 6 rows on all sides)

Norris -I’ll tell you he is a very sharp guy and if people would just check him out I think they will feel the same way I do that he is the man to lead our county.

PolitisitePolitisite wrote and article looking at him as a viable alternative to the top tier but few know who Mike was.

Norris -Me either, you know how I found out about him? Two boys on a website called the Rebelution, two twins, the Harris twins wrote me on my email and said check out Mike Huckabee we are support him for president. I was like everyone else, I didn’t know who mike Huckabee was so I started checking him out and I began to realize that this is the man who could really lead us in our county. Believe me I did allot of research on all of the candidates before I made a choice. That is why I am here tonight.

Politisite.com- Since you are one of the few conservative voices in Hollywood I am sure you were very careful before making a stand for a candidate.

Norris – Yes, I did, and I am making a stand for Mike Huckabee.

Politisite.com – Thank You Very Much

Norris -Thank You

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