Trump Invites Russians to Find Hillary’s Ditched E-Mails

Trump finds a constructive use for Russian hackers.Trump finds a constructive use for Russian hackers.

    In the course of investigating Hillary Clinton’s illegal handling of Top Secret and Classified State Department documents that were conveyed from her private home brew server we have seen astonishing efforts to cover her tracks. Deletion of some 30,000 emails and scrubbing her server prior to surrendering her online equipment to the FBI via subpoena is but one of many acts of evidence tampering and destruction committed by […]

White House Pathway to Lawlessness Part II

Absolute power corrupts absolutely.Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

  The decent of the Obama Administration into violating due process of law has been strikingly documented through a seemingly unending series of scandals. That the US Attorney General of the United States, Eric Holder, did nothing to uphold federal law in these cases is not only amazing, but that Congress stood by and allowed these travesties of justice to go unchallenged may be even more stunning. The old theory […]

The RNC Convention Setting The Tone For a New America

A movement not just an election campaign, Trump for America!A movement not just an election campaign, Trump for America!

  Great expectations and twisted perceptions by the US media surrounded the opening of the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio. The liberal press were doing the best they could to mislead the public and drown the conservative message in deception. The liberal media attempted to portray the GOP in disarray when, in fact, Donald Trump had not only captured the nomination but had attracted record voter turn-out in the […]

The White House Pathway To Lawlessness

If only it were funny.If only it were funny.

  America has faced many challenges in the past from war to depression from insurrection to independence, but today it seems an overwhelming effort is underway to undermine our nation from within by the federal government itself. From a Congress that has refused to impeach a radical president to aiding and abetting our enemies, the US seems to be in the hands of fools. Marriage under attack? The first shot […]

A Delusional White House That Inspires Terrorism

Refusing to acknowledge reality the definition of delusion!Refusing to acknowledge reality the definition of delusion!

  In lieu of the latest Islamic terrorist attack in France we are once again saddled with the rhetoric of the White House over gun control. From Dallas, Texas President Obama used the solemn occasion of a memorial to fallen Dallas police officers to drive home his politically correct drivel. The inference that police departments around the country are racist, that more gun control will somehow curb deadly attacks, and […]