Debate Number One A Win For Trump


  Monday evening September 26th was a promising spectacle awaiting an estimated 100 million viewers across America. Did they get what they expected? Yes and no. Most of the average viewing audience had about a 30 minute attention span so they saw Donald Trump get a head start in momentum on Hillary and begin questioning her ability to govern and make decisions that were needed a long time ago that […]

Wave of Recent Bombings Linked To White House Refugee Program

Islamic Bomber in NYC apprehended linked to New Jersey attack.Islamic Bomber in NYC apprehended linked to New Jersey attack.

  The shocking string of bombings that have occurred in New York City and New Jersey are not related to a stabbing spree which took place in a shopping mall in St. Cloud, Minnesota according to President Obama. Mayor De Blasio refused to pronounce the detonation of another pressure cooker filled with shrapnel was neither an act of terrorism nor a bombing. When news of the New Jersey and NYC […]

The Enduring Conspiracy To Take Down America


  Between November 1, 1953 and April 30, 1954 an investigation for the Reece Committee was undertaken by Norman Dodd. It was an in depth study of Un American activities that were taking place under the aegis of several well-known educational trusts. These supposed educational endowments, established, and well regarded, turned out to be much the opposite. Instead Norman Dodd stumbled onto a disturbing discovery of Communist influenced intention. Well-funded, […]

Will The Electorate Finally Get The Message?

Michael Savage exposes America's enemy.Michael Savage exposes America's enemy.

  For decades the Democratic Party has been able to con black America into voting for them default. In that time the situation for the black American has decayed not improved. Under the aegis of being more compassionate, non-racist, and socially supportive black unemployment in America is in the double digits even under the false pretenses of cooked Bureau of Labor statistics which do admit that current levels of total […]

The True Deplorables In America


  Recently Hillary Clinton shortly before collapsing into her luxury van unable to attend the complete length of the 9-11 ceremony in New York City made a speech that insulted some 14 million voters who cast their ballot for Donald Trump during the primaries. The former senator of New York and Democratic Party Secretary of State made it very clear just where she and other elites like herself stand when […]