Henry to Hillary: Did You Wipe Server?; Clinton: “With What, A Cloth?”

Asked by FOX News’ Ed Henry at a Tuesday press conference if she wiped her private server clean, Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton responded: ‘What, like with a cloth or something?’ Sierra Marlee said: Ed Henry: “Did you wipe the server?” Hillary Clinton: “What, like with a cloth?” Oh my God it’s Joe Biden in a pantsuit. Related articles Hillary Clinton had a testy press conference filled with questions about […]

2016 Democratic Nomination – Sanders Surges in Key States


With the Iowa Caucus less than six months away, the race for the 2016 Democratic Nomination has Hillary Clinton holding a commanding lead with +34 percentage point lead over Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders. The PolitiSite Polling Report has the Race as of August 18, 2015: Hillary Clinton 55% Bernie Sanders 21% Joe Biden 11% Jim Webb 2% Martin O’Malley 1.5% Lincoln Chaffee 0.5% Real Clear Politics has the 2016 Democratic […]

GOP Nomination – Trump is Batman

In the three major polls since the first Republican Debate, Donald Trump is polling anywhere from 17-25 percentage points.  While Donald Trump was giving helicopter rides to children while in Iowa, he was asked, “Mr. Trump are you Batman?” Trump replied, “I am Batman.” Well that must be it right?  Only Batman could hold on to such numbers with such a large field of GOP contenders.  Trump is Batman!  So […]

2016 GOP Debate Poll Ipsos/Reuters Post-Debate Reactions


Washington, D.C. – Reuters and Ipsos launched a round of polling late on the evening of Aug 6, 2015, after the end of the Fox News Republican Debate. In the Reuters/Ipsos 2016 Republican Primary horse race, Donald Trump holds the lead in our post-debate polling (currently with 24% of Republicans, unchanged from pre-debate). Jeb Bush (down) and Carly Fiorina (up) show the most movement in our pre and post poll […]

1st GOP Presidential Debate for 2015


The Republican Presidential debates opened with a record 24 million TV audience and an air of anticipation not felt in a long time. The sheer agitation and restlessness of an American public who can no longer tolerate the lies of the White House weighed in heavily on Thursday night. In a way the very first question directed at Donald Trump set the tone for the debate. When Fox political commentator, […]

Abortion Avenue

1984 was a strange year. That combination of youth and semi-bipolar that causes one to volunteer on an ambulance for 100 hours a week, plus the not-infrequent paying job. Between that and childbirth, some years later, I still need the occasional nap. I was Queen of Odd Jobs, in the early-80’s. I did inventory. I did home healthcare. I gave out samples of Diet Pepsi, with this hot new product […]