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  • Benghazi Attack came from U.S. playing both sides in War on Terror

    Benghazi attack could have been prevented if US hadn’t ‘switched sides in the War on Terror’ and allowed $500 MILLION of weapons to reach al-Qaeda militants, reveals damning report  Citizens Committee on Benghazi claims the US government allowed arms to [...]

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  • 600 U.S. Troops heading to Baltic in Response to Ukraine Crisis

    600 U.S. Troops heading to Baltic in Response to Ukraine Crisis U.S. Army troops are arriving in Poland to begin what will be a series of military executrices in four countries across Eastern Europe in a move to bolster allies [...]

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  • SCOTUS: Colleges Can End Affirmative Action

    Supreme Court Upholds Michigan’s Affirmative Action Ban A splintered Supreme Court on Tuesday ruled 6-2 states may end racial preferences without violating the U.S. Constitution, upholding a Michigan law that grew out of the state’s long-running debate over affirmative action [...]

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  • SC WWII Vets Return to D-Day beaches on 70th Anniversary

    SC veterans plan ‘last hurrah’ to D-Day beaches A month after World War II ended, Jeanne Palyok, an American raised in France by her grandparents, sailed back to Paris to work as a translator at the U.S. Embassy. In 1947, [...]

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  • Obamacare: Repeal (What?) and Replace (with What?)

    By Jane M. Orient, M.D. The Republican “repeal and replace” slogan sounds simple and appealing, but gets very complicated when you get to the next step. “Repeal” generally means “repeal ObamaCare,” which is often immediately qualified:  “except for the [...]

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