The Left’s Hypocritical Attacks Upon Donald Trump


We have witnessed almost 8 years of how the liberal left operates here in America after having control of the oval office. Economic stagnation, big costly government, budget overruns, national security at risk, and a refusal to protect our borders has left the Democrats in a severe credibility deficit. Americans were tired of a Washington that refused to listen to the plight of hard working citizens preferring to subsidize illegal […]

A Modern Day Pearl Harbor Disaster?

We can't afford to be blindsided again.We can't afford to be blindsided again.

How Pearl Harbor Repeated Itself In 1940 the winds of war were threatening but just how devastation could reach the US was unclear. World War II was well underway in Europe with the Nazis defeating English and French armies using the Blitzkrieg offensive strategy. With US shipping being torpedoed by German U-Boats right off the eastern seaboard and Gulf cost Admiral Durnetz was making sure that American supplies could not […]

A Question of Jobs and Priorities At The White House


For the last few months President Obama made his priority campaigning to get Hillary Clinton elected. Perhaps his efforts should have been focused on securing jobs for the American people since in essence his job, if he performed it according to his Constitutional duty, would be to serve the people. Yet, his priority was political. At a time when America needs employment more than at anytime in the past, our […]


They would rather destroy the US than lose!They would rather destroy the US than lose!

With the massive violent demonstrations targeting President Elect, Donald Trump we do now definitely know one illuminating fact. Where as the US mainstream media has labeled these imbecilic protests as the product of disenchanted “Snowflake” Millennials, sore losers, and spontaneously assembled masses merely expressing their misgivings something very different has unfolded. Definitive evidence of well coordinated, planned strategically executed insurrection, and massively funded participation by paid agitators as opposed to […]

A Tale From Castro’s Cuba


History tends to nullify revisionism whenever exposing the liberal lies about the character of their favorite occult personalities. The left wing tends to canonize the oppressors and rationalize the atrocities they subject mankind to always conveniently overlooking their faults, hypocrisies, and the truth whenever possible. In lieu of the recent death of Fidel Castro an apparent hero to those who would rather consider his image as a revolutionary rather than […]