For Sale Autographed Lois Remembers: Founder of Al-Anon and Wife of AA Founder Bill W

For Sale Autographed Lois Remembers: Founder of Al-Anon and Wife of AA Founder Bill W

Lois Remembers: Memoirs of the Co-Founder of Al-Anon and Wife of the Co-Founder of Alcoholics Anonymous Bill W. Autographed (Inscribed) by the Author Published by Al Anon Family Group Headquarters, 1979 FIRST EDITION Used / Paperback / Quantity Available: 1   Used ,  Hardcover,  First Edition,  Signed Al-anon Family Group Headquart. Book Condition: Very Good. Condition: Very Good +; “CO-FOUNDER OF AL-ANON AND WIFE OF THE CO-FOUNDER OF ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS. […]

The Astounding Irony of the 2016 Election

Voters may be cutting their own throats!Voters may be cutting their own throats!

  As the polls continue to indicate that Trump trails Hillary Clinton the electorate will have to face the stunning repercussions of placing this woman in the oval office. Should this happen the very problems that have plagued the people of our nation for the past 8 years will not only continue but get worse. The very things that have enraged US citizens over the corruption on Capitol Hill and […]

Breaking News! Early Morning West Coast Military Alert – Our Weakened Defenses

The weakened US military.The weakened US military.

  In the early morning hours of Thursday 13 October an alarming wave of incidents occurred. A shocking series of aerial defense warnings, fighter jet scrambles from west coast military bases, and helicopter launches were deployed by the US Naval and US Air Force bases in response to an apparent breach of United States air space! Initial suspicions are of Russian incursions. This report originated from a San Diego TV […]

Wiki Leaks Exposes the Clintons


  Thanks to an unusually candid report by ABC News we now have some idea of the extent of corruption emanating from the Clintons and their supposedly non-profit organization. This morning Sandy Rios on her morning talk show interviewed former Senator of Haiti Bernard Sansaricq about the blatant law breaking perpetrated by Bill and Hillary Clinton. One must also consider the current state of affairs there as the recent hurricane […]



  With a steady out pouring of evidence that proves collusion between Hillary Clinton, the FBI, and the Department of Justice via wiki leaks the US media and the DNC wage a never ending war against GOP nominee, Donald Trump. The major news networks will stop at nothing to deflect the law breaking of Hillary Clinton while trying to demonize The Donald at every turn. From the faked outrage over […]